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Interviews John Tripp "The Burger Brigade": Save Irv's Burgers

Mario Martinoli
Talk Radio KFI AM 640
November 6, 2004

Irv’s Burgers in West Hollywood The grassroots effort to perpetuate Irv’s Burgers continues…

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been speaking about Irv’s Burgers in West Hollywood and the Hong Family who has operated Irv’s for a bit more than five years. They revitalized the business, and Irv’s Burgers currently enjoys a devoted following of highly enthusiastic patrons. The Hong’s are now on a month-to-month lease, and it’s contemplated that the property will be redeveloped as a Peet’s Coffee and Tea location as already approved by the City of West Hollywood. -There have been some dramatic developments in the effort to save Irv’s Burgers, and Mario was joined by John Tripp of Sakow & Tripp International, a long-time customer of Irv’s, and also the spokesperson for “The Burger Brigade,” the grass roots, group committed to saving Irv’s Burgers.

Mario reported that the local media is really starting to get behind the Irv’s Burgers story. On Election Day Tuesday, Irv’s Burgers was a Page 1 story in the Main Section of “The Los Angeles Times” along with a color photo!

Since then TV crews from NBC 4, Fox 11, and ABC 7 have visited. There have been three television microwave vans at Irv’s Burgers at the same time! A staff writer from “The Washington Post” interviewed John Tripp at Irv’s on Friday, November 5th for an upcoming story.

John Tripp reported that in the last week and one-half there have been two meetings getting together The Hongs, The Burger Brigade, Seltzer Commercial Real Estate (the developers,) and a representative from Peet’s Coffee & Tea. This is an incredible development. More meetings are scheduled. -In these discussions Seltzer Commercial Real Estate has indicated unofficially that if The Burger Brigade can find a replacement tenant for Peet’s Coffee & Tea then they are agreeable to releasing Peet’s from their lease. Under this proviso Peet’s is okay with finding an alternate West Hollywood location.

The talks will continue this week and “The Mario Martinoli Show” will report on any significant developments…

Since Irv’s Burgers is also about the food Mario asked John Tripp what his favorite menu item was. John mentioned that he had tried their pastrami sandwich for the first time last week and that he’d absolutely order it again!

What’s next…? Please keep the polite and respectful calls and e-mails going to Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Although they are only the sole tenant in the project they have been responsive to the community. To their credit they have responded to each e-mail and phone call received from concerned listeners!

Erica Hess, Marketing and Public Relations Peet’s Coffee & Tea
(800) 999-2132 • • email NOW!


Interviews Jannis Swerman "The Burger Brigade": Save Irv's Burgers

Mario Martinoli
Talk Radio KFI AM 640

October 9, 2004

What can concerned listeners do? It seems the future of Irv’s Burgers is now in the hands of Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Inc. Peet’s is noted for being a community-spirited business with a quality product. It’s certainly possible that when Peet’s is briefed on the West Hollywood situation they will assist in arriving at a reasonable solution which, in the end, will allow Irv’s Burgers to survive. What’s better duo than a fine cup of freshly-brewed java and a juicy hamburger hot off the grill? Mario and Jannis Swerman of "The Burger Brigade" encourage you to communicate with the President and Chief Executive Officer of Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Emeryville and express your thoughts. Please call Patrick O’Dea at Peet’s at (800) 999-2132. The Web site is In the meantime be sure to pay a visit to Irv’s Burgers. Say hello to Sonia.

Here’s a review of Irv’s Burgers from “” (June 30, 2004):
“What can I say about Irv’s ? I discovered this hole in the wall over thirteen years ago. The current management, I think in operation for the past five to six years, has really turned the place around. They have cleaned things up, and have added new offerings to the menu. But the bacon cheese burgers are still the best. I have lived in Chicago for the past six years, and even if it has been six months, they always remember us and know what our order is before we can get it out. These days such consistent service and quality is a rarity. Irv’s has been doing it for years. Now you know.” – "Adrian D."


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