Our Story Has Been Over 70 Years In The Making

Our Story Begins In 1946

Irv’s Burgers first opened in West Hollywood, along Route 66, in 1946 with the name Queen’s Burgers. The burger stand captured the attention of passersby with a sign that said, “No Lobster, Just Burgers.” Irv’s is a Route 66 icon and one of the first roadside burger stands in the city of Los Angeles.

The Start Of “Just For You”

Sonia Hong and her family purchase Irv’s Burgers, beginning a new chapter and ushering in her signature doodles and the slogan “Just For You”. In 2005 West Hollywood designates Irv’s Burgers as a cultural resource.

Irv’s Opens on Route 66 at 8289 Santa Monica Blvd.

End Of An Era

Lawrence Longo visits Irv’s Burgers on his mission to eat a burger a day for 365 days. He meets Sonia and falls in love with the restaurant, however, Sonia’s family hardships force her to close the restaurant for what she thought would be permanently.

A Cultural Icon In The Making

Irv Gendis purchases the business and christens it with its present-day moniker.

A Change Of Location

Hongs are forced to close the original location and the community comes together to raise thousands of dollars to help the family relocate down the street. In 2014 they relocate half a mile east at 7998 Santa Monica Blvd.

A Rebirth Of Irv’s

Lawrence Longo reopens the beloved Irv’s Burgers in a new space just down the block from the 2nd location, with refreshed branding but the same signature Sonia doodles and slogan. Lawrence opens a second location in Mid City, a third in Malibu.

To Be Continued...

Our journey doesn’t end here, our long history is continuing to be written as we look forward to new locations opening in 2024.